Vegetarian Spicy noodles

Veggie Noodles 🍝


Noodles -as per required

Mixed vegetables- beans,carrot,green peas ,potatoes,mushrooms,capsicum

Ginger paste

Pepper powder

Green chilies

Chilli flakes

Coconut oil




Take deep bottom wide pan .

Add coconut oil as per required to sautΓ© the veggies .

Add potatoes,carrot and green beans at a time and sautΓ© them ,until they become partially cooked.

Then add the green peas,onions into it.

When the onion turns into translucent

Add green chillies (according to your spicy)

Add mushrooms,capsicum at the last.

Add salt according to your taste.

SautΓ© all of them really well.

Then add the ginger paste and mix well until the raw smell of ginger goes off .

At last add turmeric and chilli flakes according to your taste.

Add the boiled noodles into the stir fried mixture and mix it well.

At last add pepper powder according to your spicy.

Check your salt according to your taste.

Spicy mixed vegetables noodles is ready.


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