Ultimate solution for everlasting healthy lifestyle

Hi guys,

Hope you all are doing greatπŸ˜€.Sorry for not posting any blogs for long time πŸ™‚.

Today I am going to share with you all another herbal home remedy for whole wellbeing in many ways, Especially for ladies out there.

This remedy is not a tastebuds friendly recipe.This will taste little bitter.

What you have to do is dry roast these following ingredients in given proportions and grind them together into a fine powder.

Do not roast them more.

Fenugreek seeds- 250g

Black cumin seeds-50g

Ajwain -100g

Take one teaspoon of this powder and mix it in a lukewarm water .

Drink this concoction every day night after your dinner. After having this drink, don’t drink or eat anything.Just go and have a good sleep.

It will be difficult in the earlier days , once you get used to it, it becomes your normal night routine.

Follow this for at least two months continuously for better results.


  1. Release toxic waste from our body through urine and faeces.
  2. Helps in healthy weight loss .
  3. Reduce high blood pressure.
  4. Reduce wrinkles and fine lines in a body.
  5. Gives you a younger looking skin.
  6. Reduce bloating issues.
  7. Helps to maintain your digestive traction a track.
  8. Maintains a healthy heart .
  9. Increase hair growth and healthy looking hair.
  10. Reduces hair greying.
  11. Helps in anti-aging.

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