Crispy Vadaa (Savoury Dounuts)

Today I am gonna share a savoury snack or breakfast which is made out of urad dhal (one type of lentils)

It’s quite interesting and easy snack recipe.


urad dhal -200 g

Onions- 50g (finely chopped)

Green chillies- 4 (finely chopped)

Ginger-small piece


Curry leaves-2 strands



Take 200g of urad dhal,wash and clean them .

Soak them in water for around 3 hours .

Drain the water from the dhal.

Grind them into fine smooth paste by adding less water along with the dhal.

Add ginger while grinding the dhal.

Do not add too much water, It is needs to be a thick paste which allows you to get a round donut shape out of it.

To that ground paste add all the chopped onions,green chillies and curry leaves .

Add required salt to the recipe.

Take deep bottom pan , Add required amount of oil for the deep frying of vadaas .

When the oil is hot ,add vadaa mixture in a donut shape with a hole in the middle .(shape of your choice)

Serve them hot with any coconut chutney , along with a hot cup of tea ā˜•ļø.


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