Have you heard anything about “Moringa oleifera “???????

Moringa oleifera is known as “Miracle Tree” from the family Moringaceae.It is also known as drumstick tree,moringa tree,horseradish tree and many other names.

It is widely grown in tropical regions of the world .It is native to India .Since it requires low maintenance and water,it can withstand various harsh environmental conditions.It can tolerate drought conditions as well.

Even though it requires less maintenance to grow,but it is rich in antioxidants and various nutrients such as vitamin B,folic acid,iron ,minerals.There for it is renowned as superfood.It is also called as “Nature’s Multivitamin “.

The whole plant parts are used in various purposes.Leaves,flowers,pods,roots are being used in many ways.

Moringa leaves are the most nutritious part of the plant which has high amount of vitamin B, vitamin C, beta-carotene , manganese , dietary fibre and antioxidants such as Chlorogenic acid,Quercetin etc.

Moringa leaves are dried ,powdered and used as nutritional supplements in capsule form or in a powder form.It is being used to overcome malnutritional issues in developing countries.

The seed pods are rich in dietary fibre, vitamin C,manganese,magnesium,potassium .Flowers are used in tea 🍡 for various flavours.Moringa is not only used as a herb 🌿 for its nutritional values but also widely used in various dishes and recipes.In India ,moringa leaves are used in dhal recipes,curries,there by they incorporate this superfood in there lunch πŸ₯™.

Drumstick tree has various health benefits .

We need to be aware while using the roots of moringa.It contains certain toxic chemicals when it is consumed raw.

We should not consume any part if thus plant as raw due to the presence of certain anti-nutrients .

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