We are the ones deteriorating ourselves;Don’t blame others




Yes as I mentioned, we are the ones who worsen our health without proper awareness on medications and their side effects.Medicines are prescribed to patients by their GP when it is essential.but what most of us do nowadays ,We it-selves prescribed our own medication without doctors consultation .there are certain drugs which are really!really! detrimental to us on a long run .likewise I would like to share some of my thoughts regarding one of the most common known drug which is being misused in vast.

Ya,you are right on the line,it is “ANTIBIOTICS “.what is an antibiotic ???

Antibiotics are chemical substances/compounds produced by bacteria and fungi which are capable kill/inhibit the invading microbial species.

Have you ever wondered how antibiotics kill/inhibit invading bacteria,while leaving human cells alone?even though there are similarities between human and bacterial cells,there are many differences as well.Antibiotics work by affecting on factors/barriers which are present…

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